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Am I required to visit the University of Connecticut campus?
For non-degree students all of the course work is completed online using the Internet. Matriculated online students are required to visit the UConn campus twice during their degree program.

Do I need to enroll in the University?
Normally students who take courses are enrolled in the University. If you are not enrolled in the University of Connecticut, there may be an additional non-degree student fee. If you are not part of one of our programs (e.g., Three Summers Master's degree or Sixth Year Diploma in Professional Education), you should enroll as a non-degree student. After you complete the online pre-registration form, we will send you information about enrolling as a non-degree student.  

How will I register for an online course?
Course registration is a two-step process. First, you will complete our pre-registration form. This alerts us that you are planning to enroll in one of our courses. A month before a course begins we will email you a course permission number and web address where you can register online with the university. You are not enrolled in our online courses until both steps have been completed in the order described. Since information from the pre-registration form is used to plan each semester, do not complete the form unless you plan to take the class.

How do I pay for the course?
We will send instructions on how to pay online using your credit card.

How much does a course cost?
A three credit graduate course costs approximately $2100 (Spring 2013).

Are all of the courses offered every semester?
No. Some of the courses are only offered once a year. See course descriptions for course availability.

What computer equipment and software do I need?
You will need a computer (Mac or PC) that is connected to the Internet. The brower versions listed below are recommended. You will also need email access, Microsoft PowerPoint (or the free PowerPoint viewer that is available from Microsoft), and Adobe's PDF reader-- available free from Adobe (http://get.adobe.com/reader/). 

How are these classes different from correspondence courses?
Each of the classes is designed to be interactive. You will explore the material you are reading through sychronous and asynchronous online discussions. Some may use streaming video/audio and simulations. You will also complete projects that are pertinent to your goals.

Do I need to maintain a strict schedule?
The courses are designed to be completed in one semester. Since much of the learning occurs through interaction with your fellow students and the instructor, you need to keep pace with the progress of the course. The instructors provide a window of time for you to complete each component of the course. For example, you may be asked to read an article and respond to instructor and fellow student comments over a one-week period.

How will I know if an online course is for me?
Successful online participants respond positively to the following:
Technology Skills:   I use the Internet regularly; I comfortably send and receive email attachments; I can adjust to basic technical problems; I can organize my life to be near a computer with reliable Internet access.
Expression Skills:   I easily understand print material; I communicate well through writing; I am able to organize information; I can provide supporting evidence for arguments.
Self-Management Skills:   I monitor my progress; I am able to set aside some time several times during the week to dedicate to a course; I am able to structure a working space; I am able to set goals and develop timelines for meeting them.

Will I need to purchase a textbook?
Some, but not all, of the courses require a textbook. Some books may be ordered from the University of Connecticut bookstore (UConn Co-op). Most are ordered from online book vendors. You will also be reading journal articles for most of the courses. Those articles are available as PDF documents within the courses and can be downloaded  from your online class site.

How will I access my course?
After you have officially registered with the University, you will receive an email with login and password information that will allow you to enter the University of Connecticut's HuskyCT Next Generation site. All of the courses are housed there.

What if I decide I don't wish to complete a course?
Since you are registered with the University of Connecticut, you need to follow the University's course withdrawal procedures.  The amount of registration fee that is refunded, if any, is contingent on when you withdraw from a course.

Can I earn a Master's degree or Sixth Year diploma online?
Yes. You will attend two weeks of class on campus at the start of your degree and one week of Confratute for credit at the end of your degree. All other coursework is online using the Internet.

Does this lead to a certification in gifted and talented?
The State of Connecticut does not have gifted and talented certification. We recommend contacting your state department to ascertain whether our courses may be used toward certification.



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